Sunday, April 30, 2017

Prison Hit

Prison Hit is from the Boston area and constructs a raging brand of punk'n'roll with heavy Motörhead influences.  These guys hit the gas and deliver endless guitar riffs, wailing leads, driving bass tones, thundering drums and gruff vocal howls.  This stuff is fucking tasty.  Get on this, bang your head and dig.

Rotting Rose EP (2016)

Stray Dog / Wish You Wouldn't 7" (2016)

Demo Cassette (2015)


  1. Not sure any other way to hit you up besides leaving a comment, but wanted to recommend this band Annapura from Mexico City. I love your blog and think you'd really dig them. I randomly took a chance on their latest 7" and have become obsessed.
    Anyway, you rule!

  2. Hi. Jon here from Tsuguri Records. I would like to send you a copy of my latest release: BRAINFEVER Self - Titled Single Sided 12" for review. You can stream it here: BRAINFEVER is an ongoing cross-country collaboration with four friends from the southeast hardcore scene of the 1990s. Featuring former and current members of bands like: In/Humanity, Scrotum Grinder, End of the Century Party, Hankshaw, Guyana Punchline, Scholastic Deth, No Statik. 6 song one-sided 12". Black vinyl. Pressing of 300. Thanx! Keep up the great work! ~jon

  3. Thought you might be interested in some punk from New Zealand. Stress Ghetto is hardcore/pv stuff, first release on my new label. Raw cassettes and DIY recordings, more coming soon if you like. Also this is my old D-Beat band

  4. damn dude, what's happened to you? hope everything is OK there :-S

  5. Come on! What has happened to you... You'd been doing a great job with this blog.
    Cheers from Mexico.