Sunday, February 7, 2016

Depths Of Reality

Depths Of Reality is a fast and fierce hardcore band from western Massachusetts.  Their sound is loaded with intense rage and mosh-inducing grooves complete with buzzing guitar riffs, deep bass rhythms, forceful drum beatings and mean vocal grunts.  Stomp around to this shit now and lookout for a new 7" in the near future.  Snag below and dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Hoax, Intent, Free Spirit, Moron, Mudlark, Violence To Fade, Misfortune & Maniac

Promo Cassette (2015)

Demo Cassette (2014)


 photo bricklayerinsert_zps1b95355f.jpg
Bricklayer is an ugly, meaty and straight to the point hardcore band from the Olympia/Seattle area.  With dirty guitars, muddy bass, frantic drums and throaty vocal grunts, these guys spit out a total ripper of a full length that followed their 7'' single and demo tape.  These thumping tracks of barbaric American hardcore stay in your head and never leave.  Snag and Dig.

The Wall LP (2015)

Militant / The Forge 7" (2015)

Demo Cassette (2014)

Guinea Kid

Guinea Kid hailed from northwest Indiana and played a hyperactive and frantic style of hardcore punk that never let's up.  The band's grimy and violent material goes for the throat with spastic guitar shredding, rapid-fire drum work and snarling vocals.  These guys lasted from 2005-2010 and spit out some ragingly intense jams that simply kicked fukkn ass.  Snag everything below and DIG!

Guinea Kid / Neurons Split Cassette (2010)

Self Titled Cassette (2009)

First Two Demos CD (20??)


Vancouver's Tempest is a punishing display of blackened hardcore with added elements of punk and crust.  This extremely loud and crushing band creates layers of distortion-soaked guitar shredding, down-tuned bass fuzz, blasting drum work and brutal vocals.  Tempest is heavy, passionate and abrasive with undeniable energy and flawless delivery.  Snag everything below and dig.

- For Fans Of:  Children Of God, Hierophant, Alpinist & Hexis

Self Titled LP (2015)

Solace 7" (2012)

Masakari / Tempest Split 7" (2012)

Passages LP (2010)
Haemorrhage 7" (2009)


Wastoids hails from Toronto, Ontario and has released thrash-friendly punk tunes for the past few years now.  These dudes deliver gritty, snotty and obnoxious hardcore punk that'll definitely get your fists pumping.  This band is fun as hell and seems like they have a blast doing what they do, delivering unfiltered and unhinged material that I can't seem to get enough of.  Snag everything below and dig hard!

5 More Songs Cassette (2015)

Dangerous Spaces 7" (2014)

Mixtape (2013)

Self Titled 7" (2013)

Live At Equalizing Distort Cassette (2013)

Demo Cassette (2011)


Narcoleptics is a raging punk trio from New York that continues to blow my mind with their newest 7" release.  These guys construct absolutely ripping d-beat-inspired hardcore punk with non-stop drum chaos, driving riffs and ugly vocal snarls.  This shit's absolutely nuts!  Snag their three releases below and DIG!!!!!!

- For Fans Of:  State Violence, Koszmar, Nerveskade & Mauser

2nd 7" (2015)

S/T EP cover art
Self Titled 7" (2014)

Demo Cassette (2013)

Pressing On

Portland, Oregon's Pressing On delivers mean and urgent hardcore that smacks you in the face at first listen.  These hard-hitting sounds feature supercharged riffs, wailing guitar leads, driving bass rhythms, forceful drum work and aggressive vocals.  Spin-kick and get your rage on to their amazing demo from last year.  Snag below and dig.

Demo Cassette (2015)

Brain Slug

Brain Slug are an intense hardcore punk outfit out of New York. Their vocals are just like their music; snotty, throaty, and frantic which compliments the tom-heavy drumming. The four releases below are Brain Slug's current discography. I'm sure these bastards are working on something rad, so stay tuned for more insanely pissed off jams.

For fans of:  HoaxGAG, & Raw Meat

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wisconsin Nightlife

Grabbed this eight-song gem from iamtheleastmachiavellian. The name and artwork alone peaked my interest and I wasn't mistaken. Garage punk n' roll with pop inspired songwriting. Not much information on this band, and I have no idea if they're even still active. Comment if you got the goods. Until then, snag and enjoy.   

For fans of: PharaohsMidnight Bruisers, & Nancy

Crude Humor

Chicago's Crude Humor is an awesomely weird, unpredictable and wholly original concoction of thrashy hardcore punk.  These dudes construct angular punk sounds with odd time signatures consisting of frantically upbeat drum-work, highly memorable guitar riffs, driving bass rhythms and obnoxious vocals.  Their newest tape is absolutely nuts.  Snag below and dig! 

Jeri's Grill Cassette (2015)

Gold, Guns And Giftcards Cassette (2014)

Magic Circle

Described as traditional doom metal, Magic Circle take the genre to another level with tasty riffs and vocals that nod to a timeless band who most likely started it. That's right, Black. Fucking. Sabbath. And their singer even sounds like Ozzy. Really really good shit. Their discography, so far, is posted below. Download and spread the DOOOOM. If your neck doesn't hurt from head banging after you've heard these tracks, then you're doing it wrong.    

-Members Are Also In:  The Rival MobMind Eraser & Doomriders

- For Fans Of:  Black Sabbath, Saviours & Sea Legs

Journey Blind LP


Copenhagen, Denmark's Communions constructs fuzzy-yet-atmospheric post punk sounds that instantly get stuck in your head.  These guys are driving and moody while maintaining an upbeat feel that's layered with reverb and hypnotic vocal harmonies.  There's a slight touch of dark wave that blends perfectly with their dark basement dwelling production.  All of their material is highly recommended and should have you hooked from the moment you hit play.  Snag these intriguing punk gems below and DIG!

Self Titled 12" EP (2015)

So Long Sun / Love Stands Still 7" (2014)

Cobblestones 7" (2013)